Our New Blog Home

Back in Mexico

We are moving the blog but we are still writing from the same beach in Puerto Vallarta

The blog you are reading will be closing in about another week. Our New Blog Home that replaces this one is http://OurLifeInMexico.com. The blog is about Retirement Life here in Mexico. It is about us and our many adventures, food we enjoy and the recipes that go with them. Restaurant reviews. Laws of the land. Life among the people of Mexico, ideas to make life a little easier and safer for those that wish to retire to Mexico and just about anything we find of interest about the country we have chosen to retire to.

We live in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s along the ocean about 1200 miles from the United States Boarder. That’s a two day drive when you are traveling without pets and 3 days if you are traveling with pets that need to be walked every couple of hours. Most of the roads from here to the boarder are cotta or paid highways which is the safest way to travel. We will share an article about that in the blog.

We don’t live “Along the beach”. We are about 10 minutes inland which makes property about half the cost of living where you can see the ocean from your front room window.

We have been together for 25 years most of which was spent in Wisconsin raising a family of five. They have all grown and are raising families of their own. We chose Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for two reasons. It is about 33 percent less expensive to live here than it is in Wisconsin and my wife was born near hear and actually raised in the area before moving to the states.  That 33 percent looms large when you live of a fixed retirement income.  We still visit the states about every six months but we avoid spending winters shoveling snow as we did for so many years.

We hope you join us on our new blog and visit often

Thank You

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We’re In Transit

We're In TransitWe’re in Transit. Well by the time that you read this we might be posting on our new blog and we are inviting you to join us over there. Where is there? http://OurLifeInMexico.com is the new place for information about living in Mexico. The word “Retirement” does not really fit our lifestyle here in Mexico. We though it would when we headed this way a while back but soon found that there is so much to do, see and experience that retirement is not really the best description for our blog post.

Those of you that have visited this sight in the past are aware that there were over 200 blog posts about retirement life, as well as Mexican food and recipes. Well that all got wiped out when my host and I were making some changes. They are lost in space. Because we must start from scratch, we made the name change to better fit our lifestyle.

There are those that retire to Mexico, buy a house or condo and settle into a more relaxed we're In Transitlifestyle, perhaps over looking the ocean or even in many other areas of Mexico, The idea of an afternoon or evening spent with friends sipping a cocktail or two before or after dinner is a perfect retirement plan..

We have other friends that live here in Puerto Vallarta and run their businesses in the United States and Canada. They have set it up in such a way that they can pretty well manage the business via smart phone with only a trip up north every few months..Not retired yet but still enjoying a life on the beach a few days a week.

We're In TransitAs for us, I am a retired executive chef and my wife is in healthcare. However here in Mexico, I tend to grill lunch or dinnr for friends where the focus is on the food and the drinks are in second place although not forgotten. My wife helps people care for their animals, makes sure there is food on the table for a few families we can help and works in our ‘Garden” around our property.

Our “garden” has an area for growing our own herbs, some vegetables and of course We're in transitpeppers. When we got here the property already had two large mango trees, 1 coconut tree, 1 plum tree and 12 banana trees. We have added 1 guava tree, about 9 papaya trees, 2 lime trees, 2 avocado trees, 1 starfruit tree, 5 coffee plants, and maybe a couple more. I might have lost track because it seems that my wife is always telling me to grab a shovel because we are going to plant something,

So as you can see, life in Mexico, even retirement life in Mexico can mean something different to each person. So, please take a moment and visit one or both of our other sites. http://YourWholeFoodsChef.com is our other site and we invite you to visit us there as well.   Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know that you came from this site.

Thank You

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We’re Back

Back in Mexico

The Beach a few miles from our casa

We’re back or hopefully we are. We have been having problems with our hosting company so we changed hosting companies only to find it hard to get started again but we will keep trying until we get it going the way we want.

At the moment we are having a problem keeping our two blogs separated from each other. So if you see Http://YourWholeFoodsChef.com when looking at this blog just disregard it as we will have them separated soon, or for some healthy recipes and information about Whole Foods and their benefits, take some time to visit it.

We’re back from a trip to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and this weekend we visited Guadalajara. We will post some pictures and a little information about Guadalajara in a couple of days.

It is a happy time here in Mexico. The large crowds have left for the season so the beach is

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The crowds have left for a while but will be back soon

again ours and the temperatures are staying around 78 to 81 for now. There has been very little rain so there is dust everywhere. The river is very nearly dried up and we still have a couple of months before the rainy season starts. It’s nice to be able to walk along the ocean beach in the early morning hours and visit a favorite restaurant for breakfast. During the season the tables up front near the beach are taken very early and the people do enjoy a nice long breakfast. During those three months we usually visit other restaurants not in the “tourist area” I was a tourist for many years before we moved here to live so I can adjust because I know what’s ahead….like lower prices during the off season.

tropical storm

When the tropical storms roll in, it is time to head for the casa.

The really hot hot weather is still to come. It will start climbing towards the 90’s in Mid June and by August, it will be mid-90’s every day with some very heavy tropical storms. Still, it does beat shoveling snow during the winters up north. I do have 3 rooftop air conditioners on our casa. Some of our friends think I went a little overboard but it works for us. The idea is to only use it when you need it, and where you need it. There is a one ton in the den/guest bedroom because we don’t use that room much right now. We have a one and a half ton in our bed room plus an overhead ceiling fan. Between the two of them we can have that room cooled down in about 20 minutes. The two ton in the living area is only used at night or when we have guests…The heat or the hottest part of the day is between about 3 pm and 7 pm. Those are the hours you want to be in an air conditioned area.

We’re back in Mexico and back on line and we have some stories, recipes and retirement information to share with you so please come back and visit us often. If you have questions about retirement life in Mexico please leave them in the content area and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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